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May 2016
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To each their own… and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!

My, oh my, how time flies!  Your favorite phone sex Princess has so much going on that it’s hard to keep up sometimes!  :giggle:  Of course I know none of you boys have that problem… keeping it up for for your femdom Princess!  :giggle:  Ok where to begin?  Well, as many of my sissies and pets remember, I just celebrated my birthday on April 5th.  Thanks for everyone who sent me well wishes and wrote on my profile over at EnchantrixEmpire! That was so sweet!  Now, one of my favorite longtime loser pets, jizzheadguy, went above and beyond and sent me a nice Amazon gift card! Jizzhead hasn’t called me in a while, so I think he felt bad for not doing a better job keeping in touch with his Princess!  That, or he’s really in love with me!  :giggle:  He also asked me if I was planning to update my blog anytime soon, and I thought to myself, why Jizzy-boy, that’s an excellent idea! Why don’t you write a new blog post for me?!  It’s so nice to have devoted pets who not only spoil their Princess but also volunteer to do some work, too!  Because, you know, Jizzhead will do pretty much anything I ask!  :giggle:  So I asked him to write a nice story for me to put on my blog about how much he worships and adores me and how he is SO not worthy of my attention because he is such a loser. *smile* I suggested he could even talk about some of the humiliating things I’ve made him do and how much he loves it.

So, without further ado, here is what Jizzhead has to say:

Hello, my name is ‘Jizzheadguy’ and I have been calling Princess Heather for about five years! She gives me a generous dosage of small penis humiliation! The way she calls me a ‘loser’ and laughs at me is exactly what I am looking for. Sometimes Princess Heather likes to ignore me while I am kneeling down on webcam with a paper bag over my head!  I assume she has better things to do than talk to a married-masturbator-who’s-wife-isn’t-home like me! During sexytexting sessions, she even takes the time to spell *loser* vertically, so I can watch it appear slowly on the screen, like this:
If I ever need my humiliation ‘fix’, Princess Heather delivers!  I stumbled on her blog in 2010 and since then all her writing and comments impress me as being very real. I am also a big fan of swallowing my own cum and legs-over-head style self facials!  WooHoo!  Obviously Princess Heather is an expert humiliatrix!  Thank you, Princess, for catering to my needs! You’re very unique, special, professional, and I enjoy every minute with you!  Thank you for all the “mini-vacations” you have given me and I hope to catch you again soon!

Awww, such a cute message from Jizzheadguy!  :giggle:  In all seriousness, when he calls me to get ignored, I usually also have him in webcam minimized on my computer, and I make sure I am typing or something that he can hear so he knows I am still there while ignoring him.  :giggle:  So I am ‘actively’ ignoring him. How’s that for an oxymoron? LOL

Princess Heather Cock Control 800-601-6975

Now, to anyone reading this, maybe you don’t subscribe to jizzhead’s brand of humiliation and being ignored isn’t your thing.  Or maybe you DO enjoy it but you’re worried what other people might think.  To each their own. It’s like the small penis humiliation… when I have people who ask about what I do, they can’t believe that anyone actually pays money to have their penis made fun of. It’s like, didn’t your mama raise you not to make fun of people?? *LOL* Well in my view, that’s what they WANT… they ENJOY it. It isn’t like I’m picking some random man out and laughing at him (although, sometimes that actually IS what I do LOL). It’s giving HIM pleasure, and that’s what he wants, so what’s wrong with that? Not everyone enjoys it… but that’s okay, not everyone has to.  We all have our kinks, and really, unless it is illegal, who is to say what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’? It’s all personal preference.  So I say get your kink on, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!
Princess Heather
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Pass the penis to your Princess!


Every guy wants to pass his penis around

What guy doesn’t want lots of hot women playing with his dick? Not many that I know of… unless of course, they’re gay…. *giggle*

Now your dream can become a reality, by playing one of my favorite phone sex games… Pass The Penis!  AND, thanks to Ms. Ally’s love of a good promo for you sluts, you get it at a great discount! So, how does it work, you may ask?  Well, it’s easy…  you decide how many Mistresses you want to pass your penis to, and then you get 10 minutes with each one. You can request which Mistresses you spend each 10 minutes with, or you can make it a surprise and have the Dispatcher choose for you.  You will be teased and denied for the ten minutes each time, until the last one, where you can either request orgasm (no fun!) or you can leave it up to the Mistress to decide how you get to finish.  That’s it, easy and FUN!

And as a special treat, for the month of August you can get Special Discounted Packages on the Pass the Penis game:

3 Mistresses (30 minutes total): $70 ($12.50 discount)

4 Mistresses (40 minutes total): $90 ($20 discount)

5 Mistresses (50 minutes total): $100 ($37.50 discount)

If you get to the end of your package and still need more, just let the Dispatcher know and she can add more to your package. It’s a great way to have some fun and maybe even get to experience a session with a Mistress or two you haven’t played with before. What could be better than that?

Your Princess is on today… let’s play!  😉

Last day to bid on your Princess’ panties!

Bidding ends tonight at 11:59pm EST, don’t miss out on your chance to get MY PANTIES for your very own!!!

Bid here:

Bid to win your Princess’ panties!

Well today is the day you’ve been waiting for… the beginning of the auction to win SIX pairs of my very own lace boyshort panties!!  So HOW can you be the lucky slut that gets to hold, caress and whatever kinky desire you have to do with my panties?

Princess Panties

The Rules:

1. The bidding starts at $50.

2. The bidding must increase in increments of no less than $5, but there is no maximum amount you can bid, so feel free to bid as much as you want to make sure you’re the winner!

3.  To bid, just post your own bid in the ‘comments’ section of this post. Check back often or choose to be notified of updates to make sure you aren’t outbid!

4. The bidding begins Wednesday, July 29, 2015 and ends Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 11:59pm EST

5. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction will be the winner, and will win ALL SIX PAIR of my lace boyshort panties.

6. The winner will be contacted to provide payment and shipping details.   Payment must be made within 48 hours of close of auction, or the panties will be offered to the next highest bidder.

7.  I will send the panties to our home office, and they will mail them to you in discreet packaging to whatever address you provided when you submitted payment.

8. I will look forward to hearing from you exactly what you’ve decided to do with your treasures from my panty drawer!

May the horniest slut win

I highly doubt that any of my sluts will actually be able to fit in my panties, but I’m sure you can think of many other sexy things to do with them.  So… if you are the winner, what will YOU do with my panties? 😉


Let the bidding commence below in the Comments!
Princess Heather
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Mistress panties and free phone sex calls, is it Christmas??


Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 is a day that will live in infamy!

Days like this don’t come along often

That’s right, they sure don’t! How often do you get to wake up to a day that you have a chance to win your Mistress’ panties in an auction, AND get a free 10-minute phone sex call too?  Well count your lucky starts, because tomorrow is exactly that day. Not only will I be starting the auction for SIX pair of my own lace boyshort panties, but you’ll also be able to call in for a free call with your favorite Mistress.

Six pair of my panties, enough to get you through  Princess Panties

You’ll have almost enough pairs of my panties to have a new one each day of the week. I’ll be shocked if any of you can actually fit into my panties, but there are plenty of other sexy things I’m sure you can find to do with panties that have caressed my firm ass and rubbed against my bare pussy. It just depends on how badly you want to be the winner!

I expect to see all of my favorite strokers bidding on my panty drawer this week… and I hope to get to tease the fuck out of some of you tomorrow! *giggle*


Princess Heather
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Priestess of the Penis
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Want to get into my panties, literally? Now’s your chance!

Yes, it’s true… YOU can get into my panties, if you want it bad enough! I don’t know if everyone has seen that recently my Mistress friends and I are taking turns offering our personal items up for auction, but this coming Wednesday is the first day of MY turn at auctioning off something . . . → Read More: Want to get into my panties, literally? Now’s your chance!

Free call Saturday, going on right now! :D

That’s right, no strings attached! You can call in right now and get a free 10 minute call with your favorite Mistress, courtesy of Ms Ally! Limit one per stroker, of course… *giggle* You’ve got until 11:59pm to get your stroke on!!!

Santa’s Reindeer Games!

This is part of the Winter Fest series of holiday blogs, brought to you by the kinky Mistresses of LDW!  Who else knows what you want in your stockings better than us? 🙂  If you’re just now tuning in to the holiday blogs, well back up and punt, stroker… visit Ms. Kay Marie’s Kinky . . . → Read More: Santa’s Reindeer Games!

Little dicks love the tease Princess


I’ve been talking with babydick brian for years… probably for as long as I’ve been here at LDW. And babydick brian is completely in love with your cocktease Princess. He will do pretty much anything I ask, and does!  Recently, he has been ramping the level of our relationship up to the status . . . → Read More: Little dicks love the tease Princess

Masturbation May starts tomorrow!

[subscribe2]I’m sure you are just oozing with excitement! *giggle*

But, if you’re not oozing just yet, you could be…  here is a little teasing audio for you to enjoy your last night of April with…  I’m SURE you will like it!

Masturbation May Teaser!

Also, in celebration of the festivities, Join us in the . . . → Read More: Masturbation May starts tomorrow!