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August 2009
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Great weekend starting with the Princess!

It is only Saturday, and I have already had so much fun with my stroker sluts and other boy toys! :giggle:  Last night we had a great time with Fabulous Flashback Friday on our free internet adult radio station and free internet chat room.  I had a big crowd, much bigger than in previous weeks, so I guess everyone is coming back from vacation now and getting back into the grind.   We had a really great time playing some cock stroking trivia… or, as it turned out, no cock stroking trivia :giggle:  since Team Stroker was ultimately defeated by not answering the Final Jeopardy question first before Team Cock Block!  Poor strokers… maybe better luck next week! :giggle:

I’ve been talking a lot about masturbation lately and am really enjoying some of the feedback I have been getting. It seems that you stroker sluts started masturbating at very early ages… you horn dogs! :giggle:  I’m not surprised… people who start out sexual at a young age usually tend to keep that same trend throughout their lives…. which pretty much fits the profile since I started masturbating at age nine… and look where I’m at now! :giggle:

Oh, and by the way, guess what I got in the mail today? I got the key to my sissy pet alanis’ cock cage… finally! :giggle:  I think the mailwoman must have been holding on to it… maybe she thought she was going to get to own alanis’ little clitty instead of me? :giggle:

Princess Heather
Priestess of the Penis
Tease and Denial Phone Sex Temptress

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