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June 2009
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Sad sad day in the entertainment world

Your femdom Princess is sad today… what a bad day for the entertainment world!  First, we had the sad news about a beauty icon of the seventies and eighties… Farrah Fawcett.  I think we have all been anticipating and expecting to hear news of her passing for a while now, since she has been battling cancer for a long time and pretty much we knew it would be any day now.  Still, she was a beautiful woman, inside and out, and it is sad to hear that she is now gone… although I am glad she no longer has to endure the suffering she was.

But then, what  a shock to hear that Michael Jackson is gone now too!  Who would ever have thought that was coming! I thought for sure with as eccentric as he is, that he would have doctors around him all the time, making sure everything was working just right.  But, I guess eventually everyone has to go.

I know that there is a lot of controversy about Michael Jackson due to the allegations of child molestation, and even though he was acquitted of those charges, many still believe he was guilty.   I don’t want to get into any of that because I don’t know if he really did it or not, and I wasn’t there, so I have no way of knowing the truth. What I do know is that he was an incredible musician and entertainer, and it is for that reason that I am sorry to hear we have lost him.

I’m going to be doing a Michael Jackson tribute on my Fabulous Flashback Friday show on July 12 at 10pm EST in our free internet chat room and free adult internet radio, so if you want to come “Beat It”, then show up and see how much you know about the King of Pop! :giggle:

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