I am always amazed at the people I meet in everyday life who turn out to be into some kind of fetish lifestyle or profession.  Today while at the mall, I ran into a lady at Victoria’s Secret who was buying all different kinds of panties, bras, stockings, etc. in all different sizes.  As we got to talking, I found out that she is looking at opening a “Sissy Studio” here in Atlanta… and I got very intrigued!

She is opening a studio just for sissies, where they can make an appointment for a full-on sissy makeover.  They will get their makeup done, have a variety of different wigs in different colors and hairstyles, and be instructed to dress in different outfits for photo shoots.  She will also have other studio packages available if the sissies want to go on shopping trips to a local mall, or even a night out at a club.  They will have tons of photos taken and will be able to get them on a CD for their own personal use!

I thought this was a great idea, since so many of my sissies have no outlet for dressing, and she will have a whole wardrobe of outfits for them to model in, so even if they don’t get to keep clothes at home, they can still dress up and have it all in photos to remember it.  Of course, she made sure to tell me that there is absolutely nothing sexual offered, this is strictly a sissy makeover and photo shoot… but I still think it’s a wonderful idea!

I have seen similar things offered in other countries and even have had one of my sissy girls have such a session done to her, and she loved it.  What do all of my girls here think about this idea? Is it something you would be interested in if it were offered in your area?

You know, even if it isn’t something you would have the nerve to do, you can still give your phone sex Mistress a call for your own personal feminization session!  *giggle*

Princess Heather
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Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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