My goodness, I have been having some REALLY fun hot and steamy phone sex calls lately! Y’all have been burning the midnight oil with your juicy cum, haven’t you? *giggle*

Cocksucking Fag Tries To Be a Stud

Of course, I had a fun call with my cocksucking faggot slut kenny… he loves to try and trick your femdom Mistress, but he just never succeeds!  Of course I love to play along with it at first… he likes to call and say his name is something tough, like Mike or Tom, and talk in this lowered voice, making himself sound like  a real man.  I know it’s him, but I let him have his hopes rise for a few minutes before I crush them like a set of squishy balls! *giggle*  Then I make him my bitch, having him get his little pussy ass fucked as well as his mouth.  Soon he’s begging me for cock and cum, and then squealing like a little bitch.  Of course, after he cums he tries to turn all macho again… better luck next time, baby!

Pantyhose Slut Is Trapped By My Satin Thighs

Then I had another fun call from a true pantyhose slut, who was entrapped by my silky stocking covered legs and lured into my lair.  I played with him for a while, then used some of my special tools to castrate him and then take his penis as a trophy for my room.  Yes, he let himself be lured in again, won’t these boys ever learn? *giggle*  Probably not, but that’s where the fun is, isn’t it?

As you can tell, I have been having just way too much fun.  I know you want to get your freak on, so pick up that phone and let’s party!

Princess Heather
Priestess of the Penis
Tease and Denial Phone Sex Temptress
Spoil Your Princess

For an erotic phone sex session with Princess Heather, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

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