I know that we’ve talked about this subject before, but when I was on the Live Help desk this morning, I had this question come up from a chatter, and thought, what better time to talk about it again? *giggle*  I was asked, what is the difference between a crossdresser and a sissy… or if there is a difference at all?  And my answer is, absolutely, yes.  There is a difference.

In my opinion, a crossdresser is not necessarily a sissy.  A crossdresser is someone who enjoys dressing in women’s clothing, for a variety of reasons… usually for sexual arousal and enjoyment.  They don’t necessarily feel like they want to be a woman, they can just enjoy the feel of women’s lingerie.  They usually like to do it for their own enjoyment and pleasure.

Sissies, on the other hand, usually want to please their Mistress.  They want to serve a dominant woman in the capacity of a sissy, or a sissy maid, etc.  They usually feel like they want to be a girl all the time and want to be more feminine.  They usually despise any of their ‘icky boy parts’ and would really rather they didn’t have them at all.  Often times they enjoy men or being coached to do things with men for their Mistress.

Of course, these are not set in stone and there are always exceptions… but in general, this is how I see it.  I would love to know your thoughts on the topic and what you think the difference is between sissies and crossdressers (if you think there is a difference) and why you think that way.  Leave me some comments and let’s discuss… and share which one you might be! 🙂

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