So many excited sissies this past week with your phone sex Mistress!  You can definitely tell that spring is in the air… and this means lingerie shopping trips for all of my sweet sissy girls.  Every girl wants to get a fresh start for spring, and what better way than to go shopping for some pretty pastel panties with matching bra? Maybe a new babydoll nightie for those warm spring nights?  Or how about some sheer white thigh high stockings or pantyhose for underneath those spring skirts?

There are few things that can make you feel more feminine than a silky or lacy pair of pretty panties.  Just slipping them on can make you stand a little taller, feel a little sexier, talk a little softer.  You move different when you are wearing sexy lingerie.  You are more graceful, more elegant, more aware of your body.  This is one of the draws for sissies and crossdressers… it’s almost like being on a natural high.  There really isn’t anything else that can make you feel so fresh and, well, pure… even if you are the dirtiest of girlie girls! 🙂

So when it comes to shopping for these gems that make you feel so good, where do you go?  Do you like to shop online, or do you prefer to go somewhere and actually feel the materials, hold them up to yourself in front of a mirror,  imagine how you will look in them, how they will feel against your body?   Where do you like to shop? Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood,  somewhere else?  I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about the things that make us girls so special! 🙂


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