[subscribe2]Stroke Princess Heather 800-601-6975It may surprise (or may not) many of my blog readers and masturbation pets to know that it is not only submissive males that enjoy being dominated by cock control females, but dominant men enjoy it as well.  And I must admit, as much as I love taking control over a trembling, submissive bottom, I think I love dominating strong-willed men even more.

As many of my stroker boys know, I am a Mistress who loves her toys.  And by ‘toys’, I mean the rubber, plastic, vibrating and battery-operated ones. And since my pets know I love my toys, they enjoy bestowing upon me the most pleasurable gifts… like the lovely package I received recently, full of delightful clit-ticklers, vibrating cock rings, and attachments for my most favorite pussy pleaser… my Hitachi Magic Wand.

I decided to break in this new box of orgasmic bliss over the weekend with one of my favorite fuck-buddies… a very well-hung, dominant bull who loves it when I take control over his cock.  I have a special contraption I love to put him in… it is a straight aluminum bar, specially altered just for my fucking pleasure.  It goes straight across behind his neck, with loops of cord to tie his wrists to the bar. Another cord fastens across the neck (loosely enough to not choke, but firm enough that the head can’t be lifted).  This very effectively restricts movement of the upper body, and makes it so that he cannot use his hands at all.  Then, I have a spreader bar that I use to restrict his legs… spreading them apart and tying his ankles to the bar in the same fashion as I did his wrists.

Now that I have him completely helpless, he is at my mercy… and fully under my control.  This is when I enjoy hours of pleasure teasing his cock…  I have quite the collection of pocket pussies, masturbators, anal plugs and dildos, and of course my Hitachi Magic Wand and all of it’s attachments.  I will use one after another… stroking his huge hard cock with a Fleshlight, getting him right to the edge, and then switching toys… perhaps fucking him in the ass with a nice 8″ purple vibrating dildo, or using my Hitachi with the “Gee Whiz” attachment in his tight ass, right on the prostate.  I’ll slide a steel cock ring down around the base of his cock and balls, making it even harder and that head fuller… big and purple is how I like it.  Then, I’ll stroke his cock and give him a ruined orgasm (or two), making him beg me to allow him a full release. When my pussy gets wet enough that I just have to have that big cock, I’ll straddle him and ride him until my pussy cums all over him, my juices running down his balls… and then I’ll slide off again and tease it some more.  I’ll straddle his face, making him worship my wet cunt by licking up the mess he’s helped make.  Then I’ll ride his cock again.  Once I’ve had my full fun using him for my pleasure, making him beg me for release and ruining an orgasm (or two), then I’ll let him cum hard and strong, and I enjoy watching his face as he finally gets the release he has been craving.  And, if I’m feeling particularly devious, I may leave him tied up and do it all over again.

It shouldn’t be too hard to understand why a dominant man would let me tie him up and tease him like that.  After all, would YOU say ‘no’ to me? 🙂

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