[subscribe2]Mistress Heather 800-601-6975I have to admit, when I get calls from men who want to tell me about the naughty things their wives are doing and I tell them that they are actually being cuckolded, and they act shocked and confused, it really does amuse the fuck out of me.  I love knowing that there are other dominant women out there who are strong enough to go out and get what they need to fulfill their sexual appetites, whether their spouse or (in)significant other like it or not!

These clueless men will call me and ‘confess’ that their wives have been acting strangely, or they have been dressing more sexy, or that they taste different when they get the privilege to eat their pussy… maybe they stopped having sex with them as much (or not at all) or they’re going ‘out with the girls’ more often than they used to… whatever the situation may be, just a couple simple questions from me can show me if their woman is cuckolding them or not.  If they say they have a little dick… well that’s a clear give-away right there!  In that case, it shouldn’t be shocking, but then when asked about their cock size, they can sincerely tell me that they think 4 inches is ‘at least average’.  HA!!  Not even close!!

The best part of it all though, in my opinion, is that when I tell these sluts that they are being cuckolded, it actually excites them and turns them on. Not once have I ever had someone argue with me or protest that their wife may be cheating on them with someone more endowed. Quite the opposite… they seem thrilled with the idea, even if they are a little jealous or sad that their wife hasn’t included them in the fun.  But, maybe with a little help from me, they can get the courage up to confront their woman with the situation, and turn it around to being a full-fledged cuckold husband.  That’s the goal of this phone sex Mistress, anyway!  *giggle*

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