[subscribe2]Mistress Heather Orgasm Control 800-356-6169It’s been a while since I’d heard from him, but tickle tease johnny decided to give me a call this week and have me tie him up and torture him with tickling and those white cable knit knee socks he so loves. Most people probably don’t see the eroticism in tickling… in fact most would probably see it as torture and not pleasure, but he absolutely loves it.  Paired with his weakness for white cable knit knee socks, he is putty in my hands… so much so that he can be coerced into doing really just about anything. And when I say ‘anything’, I mean yes, even sucking a hard cock.  Just a little tickle to the ribs will make his cock dance all around, and he will beg me to do anything but tickle… so if that means sticking a fat, hard cock in his mouth, that’s exactly what he will beg for.

And the white cable knit knee socks… well, those aren’t just a turn-on for him to see me in them on my shapely legs. Oh no… he loves it when I put them on his feet too, and especially when I put one right on top of his rock hard, throbbing cock.  Then I wrap my hand around on top of it and masturbate it with the knee sock… that really just drives him overboard! Teasing, edging, and then of course another round of tickling, and soon poor tickle tease johnny is begging for release, begging me to stop, begging me NOT to stop, pretty much you name it! He just can’t make up his mind.  But fortunately (or, maybe, unfortunately for him!) I am more than happy to make up his mind for him… and if it results in his getting to cum, then he is also obligated to lick it all up.  See what a nice, sweet cocktease Princess I really am?  *giggle*

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