Well, you have begged. You have pleaded. And you have crawled across the floor. And finally, the happy day is here, your Princess has arranged to take appointments from her horny sluts! At the top of my blog you will see a new tab to Book an Appointment. Just click on there and fill out your form, and gear yourself up for a fun session with the cock control Princess!

Empress Heather 800-356-6169 Tease and Denial

Also, since Yahoo has totally screwed up the Messenger app, I’m not currently using Yahoo Messenger either… at least not until they work out all of the bugs from their new platform. So in the meantime, if you would like me to watch your cam during your session or do a SexyTexting session, I will be happy to use Skype, my ID is enchantrixheather .  I don’t usually stay logged into Skype unless I’m about to do a session, but if you don’t see me on there and want to play, email me at Heather@EnchantrixEmpire.com and we an get you all set up for some fun! Looking forward to catching up with some of you naughty sluts!


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