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Here we are again with our Wimp and reliving the experience of his journey into becoming a lifetime cuckold. The response of my readers has been outstanding. Apparently there are a lot of small-dick cuckolds out there that can relate to the Wimp and his reckoning. Who would have imagined?    Cuckold Princess Heather

Acceptance of your inadequacies opens doors for experiences!

When we last left our Wimp, he had just realized that as far as size of his penis was concerned, he was even smaller than previously thought. The reality of this began to consume his thoughts, and everything seemed to revolve around it. When he and his wife spent time together in the bed, they naturally would play with dildos. He noticed that she always seemed to like the bigger ones the best. He also realized that the reason they used dildos in the first place was because he himself was so small. It was likely the only way his wife could obtain an orgasm!

The Cuckold Fantasies Begin

The Wimp began to fantasize how his wife would respond to a man with a bigger cock. He became obsessed with the idea of watching her with another man. And for some reason, he felt comfortable enough to share this fantasy with her. Ironically, in the beginning she thought that his newfound fantasy was merely a ploy to get her to agree so that he could have sex with other women. Even with such a pathetically small dick, his wife was a bit on the jealous side.  But soon she realized this really was a fantasy of his, and she even started talking about fucking other men while they were having sex, especially after she’d had a little too much to drink. It’s funny how a little alcohol can become a truth serum isn’t it? *giggle*  But once the alcohol wore off and the sex was over, she never brought it up again, so he figured nothing would ever come of it.

And then, one afternoon, he got a phone call that would change his life forever…..

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