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Aaah yes… our poor little wimp. He had accepted the realization that his dream of being a cuckold would likely always remain just that… a dream. And then, one day, he got a phone call from his wife that would rock his world in ways he’d never imagined.

When opportunity knocks, answer the fucking door!

It seemed our wimp’s wife had found herself smack dab in the middle of a steamy hot porn fantasy, only this time it was real! A door-to-door salesman had showed up at the house selling very expensive $2000 vacuum packages.  She told him that she wasn’t interested in buying a new vacuum. He must have been able to sense something about her and her unsatisfied sexual cravings, because once she brushed off his vacuum pitch, he propositioned her with something better… sex.        Bratty Cock tease 800-356-6169

An offer that can’t be refused

The wimp’s wife told the vacuum salesman that she would be interested in getting fucked by a real man for a change, but that she wanted her husband to be home to watch.  So her question to the wimp when she called him at work was, “Do you want to make your fantasy a reality?”   He was so shocked and in awe that he could hardly talk… but somehow, he found himself saying, “Yes.”   It was almost like someone else was speaking, because his brain was saying, “Are you CRAZY, man?? You’re going to watch another man fuck YOUR wife??”  But his mouth and his raging hard-on were agreeing that this was what he wanted more than anything, to finally be a cuckold husband, even though it was the most humiliating thing he’d ever agreed to do.

His wife seemed a bit surprised that her husband actually said yes, but there it was, validated by his choked voice squeaking on the other end of the line.  And so the plan was put into place!

Do you think the wimp followed through on the plan? Only one way to find out…. *giggle*