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October 2017
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The Making of A Wimp: A Cuckold Tale – Too Late Now

The best-laid plans of wimps and men…

The wimp’s wife told him on the phone that the vacuum salesman was a bit wary of her wanting her husband to watch. He was nervous that it was a set-up for him to come back and get his ass kicked or that her husband would want to fuck HIM or something like that, and so, of course, he did his best to fuck her right then and there. She finally convinced him that she wasn’t joking… that if he came back later when her ‘hubby’ was home, she promised she would fuck his brains out. And with that, it was a ‘date’!

Cuckolding Princess Heather

Last chance to back out… or not!

The wimp went home after work, getting there about an hour before the salesman was due to return for the fuck session. There was a bit of an awkward silence as his wife walked around their bedroom, naked, preparing herself for being fucked by another man. Finally, she broke the silence and just came right out and snapped, “Look, if you don’t really want this to happen, you need to be a man and tell me that you won’t allow another man fuck your wife! Otherwise, the next dick in this pussy isn’t going to be yours!”

The wimp was paralyzed. He could hardly breathe. He had a lump in his stomach, and all he could hear were the words, “need to be a man,” ringing in his ears.  He knew he should say something, but he couldn’t. She sort of huffed under her breath, almost in disgust, and went back to putting on her lipstick. A few minutes later, when she was almost ready, the doorbell rang.

Time is almost up… what are you going to do?

The wimp’s wife looked hard at him for a moment, and then she said, “This is your last chance… if you want to back out now, say the word, and we will pretend that no one is home. Otherwise, go answer the door while I finish getting ready… but just remember that once he’s in the house, it IS going to happen… so don’t try to back out later.”

They stood there, just staring at each other for a moment, the wimp still a frozen mute.  The doorbell rang again, and he broke eye contact with his hot wife, who was waiting for him to take charge and be a man, but instead, he went to go answer the door for another man to come in and fuck his wife. At that moment, he realized what a fucking wimp he really was… but he also had a raging hard-on.

So the wimp answered the door, as though walking through the arch between ‘real man’ and ‘cuckold wimp’…  and then…..   *giggle*


3 comments to The Making of A Wimp: A Cuckold Tale – Too Late Now

  • Yay!!!

    I’m so glad the boi made the right decision. Chances are the Wife was going to have to get it sooner or later elsewhere so it’s good that they are both on the same page. Can’t wait for the next part.☺️

  • Oh I do so love a story with a happy ending. Even though the end was a little cryptic, I’m just going to imagine that it turned out just the way I wanted it to in my head. I already have an image of what that vacuum salesman must have looked like. I mean you’d have to be a yummy piece of cake to get all those women to open the door for you. As for our darling cuckold, I’m sure he underwent a LOT of training to prepare him for his new position for second fiddle in the bedroom.

  • Fuckie fag boi

    This is so hot
    Very nicely written Princess

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