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December 2017
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Multi-Mistress fun for the Princess of Tease and Denial!

Well well, party people! I realize that I left you all hanging with my cuckold tale of the wimp, and I promise to catch you up soon, but I had to break in here and just say that I have been BUSY having so much fun doing hot phone sex calls with horny boys and gurls, and my Mistress friends!  I have had some of the BEST Multi-Mistress sessions ever, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

First, a few weeks ago I did a super fun session with ‘bill,’ a femdom-craving slut that some of the other Mistresses and I played with for an entire weekend. It was amazing!  “bill” was traveling on business, and during the two nights he was in the hotel, he would get random calls from different Mistresses, waking him from his sleep and then demanding his obedience accordingly.  This included everything from paddling to nipple clamps, to ball busting, and of course orgasm denial.  The best part was that “bill” never knew when the next Mistress would call, or who the next Mistress would be, so he never got to fully rest! By the end of the weekend, “bill” was not only drained physically but emotionally broken, and loving every moment of it. So much so that he did it again the weekend following!  I do believe we have created an addicted slut….  thanks to myself, Mistress Erika, Mistress Brighton, Mistress Rachel and Mistress Nadia.  Poor “bill” just can’t get enough and doesn’t know how he ever got along without his extreme humiliation.  He will never be the same! *giggle*

Then, last week on Thursday, Mistress Delia and I had the time of our lives with a slutty little cocksucking sissy named Vicky. But you can’t be too greedy, you’ll have to wait to hear about THAT night on wheels (literally) in my next blog post… and TRUST ME, the wait will be worth it!!  *giggle*

I have been on for your hot phone sex calls a LOT here lately, and have enjoyed every minute… so watch for me and come play! Looking forward to making (or breaking) your day! 😉



3 comments to Multi-Mistress fun for the Princess of Tease and Denial!

  • Miss Heather! Bill was a hoot, wasn’t he? I hope We get to do that again. He definitely seems as if he will need training in the future, to make sure he never forgets his place, and the penalties for being a compulsive masturbator! And VICKY, huh? I wonder if that was the slut I I took on a humiliation adventure once, and likely will again sometime soon! I can’t *wait* to read *that* blog post!

  • Ms Heather!!!

    What an awesome update about our submissive bill! He’s still talking about that weekend. I had so much fun coordinating these games, and organizing our “game plan” for our chastity pet. Sharing with each other his naughty details and how to best train him to be a less selfish and better man! Of course (readers) with is full blessing! Mistress doesn’t kiss and tell, otherwise!

    Ms H, I sure hope some horny stroker puts us on a two Mistress call together, they are going to have the time of their lives! (or is that rue the day? LOL) You are wicked smart and wicked funny, I hope we play again soon!!!

  • Mmm… so many trigger words for me, like… *drained*… *broken*… *addicted*…. I wanna play next!!

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