Hard to believe that summer is over, fall is here and it’s still fucking HOT!! Oh yeah…. I guess that’s because I now live in Florida…. LOL    800-601-6975

It’s like living in another world down here!

It’s been strange getting used to how different things are down here… I mean it’s only like 5 hours from where I used to live, but it’s like after crossing the state line it becomes a whole other world.. the leaves don’t change color, it’s fucking hot as hell… oh well, at least I have the ocean to go dip my hot ass in whenever I feel like it. Things could always be worse! 😉

Actually, I am loving Florida. I think I was born to be a beach girl. Maybe I’m part mermaid? That would actually explain a lot… *giggle* There is so much to do here in Florida, I’ve had a hard time staying on task! I’ve already been on numerous boat rides, lots of days breaking hearts at the beach, I’ve had lunch with a few of the other Mistresses (yes, in person and not online!) and really have been just soaking up the sunshine down here. I hope your summer has gone as nicely as mine has!

Slacking time is over, ready to get back on track with your training?

But now that I’ve had a chance to settle in, it’s time for me to get back on track getting YOU back on track. I’ll bet many of you have been slacking with your stroking studies… jerking off whenever you want, spurting loads of cum at your own whim… totally unacceptable, of course. I’ll go easy on you since I haven’t been around as much to make sure you are kept in line… but don’t expect the free-for-all to continue, strokers!

My availability is wide open these days, much like your legs are…  LOL!

You can find me on for calls most afternoons well into the evening and even often past midnight EST. And if you care to just hang out for fun, you can find me in our virtual world playing with other Mistresses and having a good time! We’ve got lots of fun planned for the upcoming holiday season, starting with a kick-ass Halloween party on Oct. 31st. You won’t want to miss it!  I will be there!

Remember, creating an account for the virtual world and the download for the Firestorm viewer are both absolutely free!

1: Click here  to  register an account and download the software. You will then choose your name and your avatar/virtual self ( don’t worry your avatar can be changed at any time) **note** this link will allow you to download Firestorm and sign up for a free virtual account.**

2: Once you have set up your free virtual account and become familiar with using the controls to maneuver your avatar, you can find Enchantrix Empire and the fun begins!  Here is the link for you to find our Enchantrix Empire sim in the virtual world:

Location of Enchantrix Empire Inworld

Remember, if you need a personal guide to show you through the virtual world, I’m just a phone call away! 😉

Hope to see you there, or play with you on the phones soon!