I just LOVE when horny little strokers call me and think they can outplay the Mistress! I had one such caller today, I’ll call him ‘little Kevin’… because that’s what his dick is… LITTLE! LOL  

I suppose a good sense of humor is important… to some women.

Little Kevin started off by challenging me right away, which of course only made me laugh. He said he saw my last blog post about ‘No Nut November’ and thought that he could change my mind by the end of our call, allowing him to cum. Of course, your Princess is no pushover, and I let him know that under no circumstances would I be changing my mind, but he was welcome to amuse me with his pitiful attempt!

Begging and pleading and ridiculous claims.

Little Kevin then told me that he had extenuating circumstances and ‘needed’ to cum. I could only laugh again as I told him that no man ‘needed’ to cum, but please, by all means tell me what the extenuating circumstances are? He preceded to explain that he had a hard time in life because he was a big man with a little dick. As though this was something unusual and rare? LOL not even close! Little Kevin insisted his situation was different than all of the other tiny-dicked men roaming around out there, but I assured him that every man who has less than a 4″ dicklette is having a hard time getting women to go to bed with. His situation was neither rare or extenuating!

One last attempt at humor, in vain.

I have to give Little Kevin some credit though, he did try to the very end. Still thinking humor would sway the Princess, he asked me, “What’s the difference between my jokes and my dick? Nobody laughs at my jokes.” I had to disagree as I burst into laughter! I was definitely finding both his little dick and his jokes funny.

He then tried to pull at my heart strings by telling me he was literally crying from me denying him orgasm. Ha!! All that does is make me laugh even more! I have no sympathy for poor little-dicked boys who remain horny 24/7. He did make a valiant effort! But, alas, poor little Kevin still did not get to cum, and in fact as his timed call was ending and he pleaded again for permission, all he could hear me say was half of the mantra he had dreamed of… “Fuck, no!”

Another one bites the dust!