As many of you know, at least once a year Ms Ally, being the generous Mistress that she is, does a wonderful promotion for our appreciated callers.  This year is no different! To celebrate our 14th anniversary and as a special holiday gift for you, Ms Ally has set up a 12 Days of Decadence special for you!

Free phone sex? Yes please!

So this is how it works-  every day from December 14th through December 25th, there will be a two-hour block of time where all previous callers can phone in for a free 10-minute session! it doesn’t matter if you are a new previous caller or have been calling us since the beginning, you can get a free 10-minute session during that to our block of time each day during the promotion. You can choose to do your free 10 minutes alone, or you can add that 10 minutes onto a longer call.  I know that most of you will enjoy adding that on to a longer call to increase your phone time fun!

So, if you play your cards right, you could get free phone sex everyday until Christmas! What a gift that is! Of course, your princess will be available the ring many of those blocks of time. And I know that you will want to catch up with me and naturally have me control your cock. Or your clit,  whichever may be appropriate. 😉

This is the schedule for the 12 Days of Decadence free call blocks:

December 14th: Free 10 minute call between the hours of 12 am and 2 am EST

December 15th: 2am-4am

December 16th: 4am-6am

December 17th: 6am-8am

December 18th: 8am-10am

December 19th: 10am-12pm

December 20th: 12pm-2pm

December 21st: 2pm-4pm

December 22nd: 4pm-6pm

December 23rd: 6pm-8pm

December 24th: 8pm-10pm

December 25th: 10pm-12am

So set your alarm, mark it on your calendar, write it on your hand, whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing gift as we celebrate 16 years of providing you the best phone entertainment in the world, and deck the halls as well!