So I know this should go without saying, but after a call that I had today I feel that I need to come on here and once again clarify… I do not fuck small cocks.

They never start out with their true intent!

The call started out somewhat normal, as the caller stated their name was a female name. This is not that uncommon… it happens a lot because I have a number of sissies and crossdressers that call me and of course they go by their feminine name. But then, the call took an odd turn when she said she wanted to fuck me. I was a bit confused, because she is a girl, so I asked her what she wanted to have sex with me with. She said, “My tiny cock”. I asked her how small it was. She said it was less than 4 inches fully hard. I burst into laughter. I told her under no uncertain terms, “I do not fuck small cocks.”       

Eventually the truth comes out…

Somehow this came as a surprise to her. But then she asked me, what do I think she SHOULD do? Of course I told her that she should be the one sucking cocks. She did not disagree with this, in fact she told me that she has been cuckolded before by an ex-girlfriend. I laughed and told her that that should have been her first clue.

I know you can’t help your fantasies… but…

Now, I can’t say that I blame anybody for trying to get into bed with me. But, don’t fool yourself. Just because I like girls and men both, it does not mean that I am willing to fuck a tiny little clit. Even with the women I am with, the strapons I use are definitely not tiny. So if you have less than an 8-inch cock, don’t even bother trying to talk to me about getting into my pants. It’s just not going to happen!