So I’m a little late getting this posted, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share a really awesome session that I had last week! I love doing calls with other mistresses, last week I got the opportunity to do a super fun call with Mistress Mandy and Mistress Scarlet. A long-time caller named Mark started planning this session weeks in advance. he instructed us to get wine and cupcakes ready to play lots of fun games while we watched him on Skype.

Mark certainly did not disappoint! He came up with some extremely fun games including a sexual bingo game that had us laughing our asses off! Of course the entire evening was spent teasing Mark and edging him, which was pretty impressive since our call lasted over 5 hours!

We all indulged in some delicious wine, had a LOT of laughs, played some fun games, and in the end we got to watch an actual cuckold video of Mark’s hot wife… now THAT was a treat!!

I don’t know if you have ever considered doing calls with more than one Mistress at a time, but if you haven’t, you really should… it’s twice (or three times) the fun!! That will definitely be a call I will never forget!