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Call Reviews of Princess Heather 800-601-6975

Call Reviews of Princess Heather 800-601-6975

Many have worshiped the Princess.

When I’m dispatching, I get asked a lot, “Is she good?”  Well one of the best ways to know if a Mistress ‘is good’ is to read reviews from some of her callers.  This can give you an idea of her style or what she is best at.  While it is good to have feedback from others, just remember that their experience may not be the same as yours. Sometimes it does make a difference whether or not a Mistress and a caller ‘click’ together or have good chemistry.  There also may be different Mistresses that enjoy your type of call more than another, or have maybe had more experience. This is a good starting point though for feedback!

Whether you want to give or receive.

Have you had a mind-blowing experience on the phone with me? This is where you will leave your review. If you’re looking for comments from others who have had calls with me, this is where you’ll find that, too.  Don’t be shy, if you weren’t happy with a session, then let me know and I’ll see what we can do about it. Of course, if you loved your session with me and it totally rocked your world, be sure to tell me about that, too. And if you do leave a review, you never know what may happen… when I take a look at them and pick someone to get a free call with me, it very well could be YOU!

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