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Do you crave a woman to control your cock?

For many men, it is imperative and important that a woman take control over the primal desire of man… their orgasm.  Chastity is good for many different reasons. Chronic masturbation, prolonging erection, and postponing ejaculation are only a few.   Locking up cocks is a favorite past time of mine. Different chastity programs fit different levels of training.

Chastity Training Fantasy Sessions: 

It is pretty common for many to not be able to actually wear a chastity device during training. Fantasy sessions are a great way to still get chastity satisfaction but without compromising your offline lifestyle.

Chastity Training Sessions with Device: 

This training is for someone who is serious about their chastity training.  First of all, a program will be tailored around the type of training you are able to take on. This may consist of wearing a device a few days a week or full-time.  If you don’t already have a device, we will spend some time shopping online to find the best device suited for your needs.  Regular sessions are a MUST for this type of program. Once you have established your dedication to your training, you will be given additional ways to check in with me, including a number that you can text me on from your phone to keep accountable. This training is for those who want to step it up to the next level of ‘real’ intensity.

“Keyholding” Chastity Training: 

I am often asked if I do ‘keyholding’. Yes, I do. However, it’s really just a formality. If you choose to lock your device with a small luggage key and lock, you are welcome to send me one of the keys to ‘hold’ as owner of your cock. Nevertheless, you will be required to keep the other key with you.  Because emergencies are unpredictable, this is necessary.  This is NOT my preferred method of locking up your cock.  I prefer to use the nylon locks with a serial number. This way, I can check via webcam to make sure that you have not unlocked your cock without permission.   There really is no way to know if you have cheated with a lock and key.  I prefer serial-numbered locks.

If you would like to begin any of my chastity training programs, contact me today!

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