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Free Audios Featuring Princess Heather

Free Audios from Princess Heather 800-601-6975

Free Audios from Princess Heather 800-601-6975

Everyone loves a freebie.

One of the common questions I hear from potential sluts is, “Can I get a free sample?” Well, yes, you can! Right here you can sample to your heart’s delight. These free audios are just a little compilation of teases I have done over the years. With quite a variety, there should be a little something here for everyone.

Listen to your heart’s content.

While listening to free audios is not as hot and sexy as an actual live call with me, it is, however, free! And you can listen when I’m off doing naughty things to other sluts. Enjoy the selection, but don’t enjoy it too much! Cumming alone is never as much fun as cumming (or being denied) with me.

I have You Under My Control
Big Brother Gets Caught in Panties
Princess Heather Pink Panties
Sissy Bra Fitting
Busted by the Princess!
Foot Fetish
First Panty Orgasm
Good Little Cuckold
Cocksucking sluts
Love Big Cocks
What’s In Your Subconscious
Wife’s Panties
Biracial Temptations
Sissy Essential Dress
Metronome Cockstroking Session
Covert Transformation
I am Your Addiction
Sissy Holiday List
Sissy Manicure
Are You A Sissy?
Sissy Eye Makeup
Sissy Shopping Spree
Sissy Microdermabrasion
I Know You, boy
Lingerie Show
Body Worship
A Girl Like Me
My New Toy
How to choose color tones
Tanning Booth
Sorority Pledge
Mall Brat Tease
Slave Boy Tease
Lap Dance Tease
Chastity Princess
Why You Love Humiliation
Weak Cock Strokers
Sissy Maid In Public
Impress Your Princess
Naughty Panty Thief
Small Dicks Anonymous
I Am In Charge
Sexy Cock Tease part 1
Sexy Cock Tease part 2
Sexy Cock Tease part 3
I love spanking those balls
Naughty Christmas Present
Kinky slut jim
The Naughty Professor
Prom Night
Tranny Surprise
Dressing Room Antics
Naughty Night at Subway
Foot Fetish
The First Time
Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise
Dildo Training
Sensory Overload part 1
Sensory Overload part 2
Sensory Overload part 3
Sensory Overload part 4
Get Hot and Horny
Anal Play
Hotell Kinky
Naughty kinky nurse
Feels like the First Time
Losing your virginity
Cucumber Tease
Shoe Clerk part 1
Shoe Clerk part 2
Shoe Clerk part 3
Intro to Anal Play
Cock Sucking
Foot Fucking
The Kinky Alphabet: A
The Kinky Alphabet: B
The Kinky Alphabet: C
The Kinky Alphabet: D
The Kinky Alphabet: E
The Kinky Alphabet: F
The Kinky Alphabet: G
The Kinky Alphabet: H
The Kinky Alphabet: I
The Kinky Alphabet: J
The Kinky Alphabet: K
The Kinky Alphabet: L
The Kinky Alphabet: M
The Kinky Alphabet: N
The Kinky Alphabet: O
The Kinky Alphabet: P
The Kinky Alphabet: Q
The Kinky Alphabet: R
The Kinky Alphabet: S
The Kinky Alphabet: T
The Kinky Alphabet: U
The Kinky Alphabet: V
The Kinky Alphabet: W
The Kinky Alphabet: X
The Kinky Alphabet: Y
The Kinky Alphabet: Z
Body Worship
Sissy Shopping
Caught Crossdressing: When Crossdressers Get Caught
Crossdressing Tips for New Crossdressers

Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial: When You Need A Bit of Extra Help