*Orgasm Denial Training

Orgasm Denial Training with Princess Heather


Denying your orgasm makes you want it even more.

Have you ever seen the movie “Raw” with Eddie Murphy?   It is by far one of the funniest stand-up comedian movies ever, and one of my favorite parts of it is when he talks about women who put their men through orgasm denial.   He talks about how a smart woman will make a man wait and wait and wait to have sex with her, and when she finally does give it up, it’s the best sex that he ever had, because he has been so long without!

Men want what they can’t have.

That’s exactly why I love denying men their orgasm.  I love making them wait… having them tease their cock for me over and over again until they feel like they will explode, then making them stop just before that sweet release.  I get excited hearing their pleas and cries for leniency, only to giggle at them and the fate that has befallen them.  The moaning and crying as I make them put their throbbing cock away is music to my ears, and makes my pussy wet.   They will completely fall apart while begging me for that load to be released. And the longer they go without, the more I like it!  Do you think you can handle a woman like me?  One who loves to deny you?  You may have to build yourself up for it, but that’s fine… I have time. 🙂

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