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Sissy Training with Princess Heather

Sissy Training with Princess Heather 800-601-6975

Sissy Training with Princess Heather! 800-601-6975

Sissy training is not for the faint of heart!

As every woman knows, being a woman is not easy, but it sure is fun!  And that’s part of the allure of being a sissy, isn’t  it?  Silky undergarments, pretty panties, makeup, ruffles and lace.  All so irresistible!  First of all, it can be overwhelming for a new sissy to get started, however this is where sissy training courses come in!  I will guide you step by step down your feminine path, in addition to giving as much guidance and support as possible, with that extra nudge across your comfort zone when needed!

Practice makes pretty.

So in order for your Sissy Training to be effective, consistency is the key. Regular sessions will begin to bring out your inner femme, therefore she will blossom into that beautiful flower you’ve always imagined you could be!  Your first few weeks will be concentrated on preparation, shopping, grooming, etc.  About the third week into your training, you will be given an additional way to contact me for daily/semi-daily check-ins to make sure you are following your training instruction (including panty checks!).  As a result, my sissies also have been known to benefit from their Mistress making salon appointments for them.

Your hard work is rewarded!

These privileges are for those sissies who are committed and dedicated to their transformation. If a sissy shows me they are willing to work hard at perfecting their feminization, consequently I am willing to push them out of their comfort zone. Most of all, I look forward to making you into the best girl you can be!

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Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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