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Tease and Denial Phone Sex Princess

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Tease and Denial Princess Heather

So you want tease and denial?

Well, lucky you! You have found THE tease and denial phone sex Mistress you have been searching for.  So you want to know a little more about your Princess?  Well, let’s see….  my birthday is April 5. Amazon gift cards are always a welcome treat, deserving of a spoiled Princess.  🙂   The outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, in a house in the country is where I call ‘home’.  A college graduate, I have a degree in music education.  In my offline time, I am very much into the outdoors and enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.  I also own two horses and spend a lot of time riding as well.   My dogs are my babies.  I do not have a ‘boyfriend’…. I don’t ‘do’ monogamous relationships.  I’m bisexual and like my (real-life) partners to be as well.

I have a long history of teasing and denying men.

How long have I been a cock tease? Well, pretty much as long as I can remember.  I have been here at LDW since 2007 and enjoy it very much.   My favorite fetishes to do sessions with are cuckolding, coached cock sucking, tease and denial, orgasm denial, guided masturbation, humiliation, feminization, coached cum eating, chastity and edging.   I enjoy a variety of other types of calls, but those are my favorites.   Small penis humiliation also amuses me… and yes, size DOES matter!

Can you handle the Tease Temptress?

I have somehow acquired the reputation of being a strict Mistress, however I am not a dominatrix or hard-core domme.  As a result, my style is more that of a playful tease, bratty Princess who likes to get her way.  Sensual domination is more my style.  Mind-fuckery. Enchanting.  Sexual coercing.  Torturous teasing.  While I do enjoy giving a sissy’s tight ass a good spanking or using my horse crop on a full set of blue balls, I’m not really much for whips and chains…. if you are looking for a hard-core dungeon scene Domme, I am definitely not the Mistress for you! 🙂

Of course, this really doesn’t even barely scratch the surface of your phone sex temptress… so if you would like to get to know me better, call me for a personal session and ask me anything you like! 🙂